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  第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)

  第一节 (共15小题;每小题2分,满分30分)




  The following list includes some books that come highly recommended by millions of readers and also a short summary of the highlights of each work.

  The Go­Giver, by Bob Burg and John David Mann

  I didn’t even expect that such a short book could make a huge difference in my way towards life. It simply explains complex laws that direct mankind, and concludes that there is always truth in the opposite.

  Dao De Jing, by Lao Zi

  Dao De Jing is one of the finest books on philosophy written by Lao Zi, an ancient Chinese philosopher and poet. It is sincere, exciting and makes you think a lot. Read it and get in touch with the clear educative understandings that give you enough tips to pursue your life goal full of passion.

  The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles

  I had my own misunderstandings of getting rich till I read this book. The book made a huge difference to my life after I discovered the secrets mentioned. Read it and it teaches you how to become rich, not immediately, but step by step.

  The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg

  I never knew habits played such an important role in shaping our future until I read this book. It says, you are what your habits are, and also suggests the proven techniques to create new habits that change our lifestyles and eventually our lives. It is must­read for everyone who wishes to form lifetime habits.

  The Road Less Travelled, by Scott Peck

  Put simply, buy this book for the path towards understanding in a spiritual way that strengthens your personal growth. This book never gives you easy solutions to the challenges of life, it simply says, “Real suffering is part of life.” and leaves you with better understanding to lead a fulfilled life.



  A news conference for the upcoming 2017 China­Mexico Culture Year was held at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City,Mexico,on Dec 3.

  Chinese Ambassador to Mexico Qiu Xiaoqi and officials from ministries of foreign affairs and education of Mexico attended the conference.

  Qiu said China­Mexico Culture Year will be another large­scale event for the two nation’s cultural exchange after the 2016 China­Latin American and Caribbean Culture Year.As 2017 marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations of the two countries,the culture year will enhance the mutual communications.

  Mexican officials praised the cultural achievements of two countries’ cooperation.In 2017,as Guest of Honor,China will attend the National Potsino Fair FENAPO and a book fair in Mexico.And a series of activities on visual arts,music,literature,cultural relics,films,books and food will be held during the event.

  Artists from the China National Traditional Orchestra performed classic traditional Chinese music after the news conference in Mexico.Dec 3,2016.



  Dear daughters,

  Most parents tell their children,“You can be anything you want when you grow up.” I feel the same and I say this often.But I also want you to understand that a dream itself comes from hard work,some good luck and good timing.Girls,here are some words of wisdom as you make your way in the world.

  Firstly,be open­minded to changing your path along the way.In high school,I wanted to be a politician.I left my hometown and went off to college in Washington,D.C.There,I discovered that I loved to support women.It taught me that I’m creative,a strong leader and great at marketing.As a result,I moved on to be the head of a national healthcare nonprofit(非营利机构).Becoming a mother while in that job opened my mind to launching a breast pump bag(储奶袋) business.Now I run a highly successful company that I started up on my own.In my opinion,you need to figure out what you are good at and what you are passionate about.Keep an open mind:the initial path you choose may lead you into other areas.Don’t waste your money or time,but you can change what you are doing based on what you are learning about yourself.

  Secondly and more importantly,remember that failure is vital to your success.I won’t tell you to feel good about failure.Failure can be heartbreaking.But I will tell you that every failure I’ve had along the way absolutely made me better.Failing the math exam in high school and going to summer school was embarrassing but I’ve never failed an exam again.

  Being deprived(剥夺) of the job for a significant job opportunity that I was more than qualified for because of unfair assumptions hurt me but I went out and got a big job at a national organization at age 27.It’s okay to get angry! Take that and turn it into positive action.

  I’m proud to be a role model to you as a mom and an entrepreneur(企业家).I hope I inspire you to believe that you can be anything you want and you can have anything on your list.It will be my pleasure to watch your lives unfold before my eyes.


  Your Mom



  In the United States alone,over 100 million cell­phones are thrown away each year.Cell­phones are part of a growing mountain of electronic waste like computers and personal digital assistants.The electronic waste stream is increasing three times faster than traditional garbage as a whole.

  Electronic devices contain valuable metals such as gold and silver.A Swiss study reported that while the weight of electronic goods represented by precious metals was relatively small in comparison to total waste,the concentration(含量) of gold and other precious metals was higher in so­called e­waste than in naturally occurring minerals.

  Electronic wastes also contain many poisonous metals.Even when the machines are recycled and the harmful metals removed,the recycling process often is carried out in poor countries,in practically uncontrolled ways which allow many poisonous substances to escape into the environment.

  Creating products out of raw materials creates much more waste material,up to 100 times more,than the material contained in the finished products.Consider again the cell­phone,and imagine the mines that produced those metals,the factories needed to make the box and packaging(包装) it came in.Many wastes produced in the producing process are harmful as well.

  The US Environmental Protection Agency notes that most waste is dangerous in that “the production,distribution,and use of products—as well as management of the resulting waste—all result in greenhouse gas release”.Individuals can reduce their contribution by creating less waste at the start—for instance,buying reusable products and recycling.

  In many countries the concept of extended producer responsibility is being considered or has been put in place as an incentive(动机) for reducing waste.If producers are required to take back packaging they use to sell their products,would they reduce the packaging in the first place?

  Governments’ incentive to require producers to take responsibility for the packaging they produce is usually based on money.Why,they ask,should cities or towns be responsible for paying to deal with the bubble wrap(气泡垫) that encased your television?

  From the governments’ point of view,a primary goal of laws requiring extended producer responsibility is to transfer both the costs and the physical responsibility of waste management from the government and tax­payers back to the producers.

  第二节 (共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)



  Americans are obsessed(着迷的) with telling their life stories.This phenomenon isn’t simply the product of the technological world. 36 People are eager to tell stories and are fascinated by those of others.Even at preschool,“sharing time” is a common Monday­morning activity where the teenagers will sit in a circle and take turns telling a story about something they did over the weekend.

  37 In many Asian countries,talking about and drawing attention to oneself can be seen as socially inappropriate.People are often unwilling to share their life stories and do not encourage others to do so.But there are also times when Asians do share their stories. 38 Asians believe that a person is largely decided by his or her social status and relationships,leaving little reason to broadcast detailed and revealing personal stories to establish a unique self.

  Ironically,the more unique Americans strive to be,the greater their need to feel connected with others.In their culture of individuality,relationships are highly mobile and can be easily formed or dissolved(破裂).Sharing personal stories brings them closer through the exchange of thoughts,feelings and desires. 39 But this motivation is not nearly as strong among Asians,for whom social relations are generally unconditional,obligatory(义不容辞的) and stable,and therefore require little maintenance(维护).

  40 American parents encourage children to share their stories and create opportunities to re­experience the past with children.Asian parents,by contrast,engage their children in telling personal stories less frequently.When they do talk about a child’s experiences,they are not particularly concerned with parent­child bonding but tend to focus on disciplining the child.

  A.They tend to focus more on outer facts than personal details.

  B.It helps them shape their “selves” and makes them who they are.

  C.Interestingly,this obsession is not necessarily shared in other cultures.

  D.Talking about personal stories is to cheer people on with positive feelings.

  E.It connects them like many different points,holding their society together.

  F.Sharing personal stories is also an essential part in everyday conversations.

  G.Parents in America and Asia differ in how they share memories with children.