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  I. Vocabulary and Structure

  There are 30 questions in this part. For each question there are 4 choices marked A, B, C, and D. Choose the One that best answers the question.

  1. In arranging their marriage, a couple should not consider anything A love.

  A. except B. beside

  C. besides D. accept

  2. The time is ___ B ___ for great societal changes.

  A. live B. rival

  C. ripe D. rise

  3. Jack said hello to John’s parents and thanked them C their kindness

  A. from B. with

  C. for D. by

  4. With the Spring Festival __B ___, the stores are crowded with people.

  A. at the corner

  B.round the corner

  C. in the corner

  D.onthe corner

  5. How is your work getting D ?

  A. up B. with C. down D. along

  6. Would you mind taking B of my home for me while I’m awa y?

  A. advantage B. charge

  C. care D. hole

  7. Television did not become very common D the early 1960s.

  A. unless B. up to

  C. onto D. until

  8. When giving the orders, the captain D stress on emergency of the work.

  A. give B. get

  C. la D. laid

  9. It was in 2001 __ B ___ my elder brother went to college.

  A. when B. that

  C. in which D. which

  10. _ A ____ is known to everybody that the moon travels round the earth once every month.

  A. It B. As C. That D. What

  11. There are about fifteen hundred languages in the world. But only __ A __ of them are very important.

  A. a few B. a little C. few D. little

  12. I don’t agree to _ C ___ he said.

  A. that B. which C .what D. how

  13. Do you think the tall hat __ B __ the little man?

  A. does some good for

  B. did any good for

  C. does some good to

  D. did any good to

  14. It was ____B __ late to save the drowning boy as he had gone down for the third time.

  A. so B. too C. such D. much

  15. He was B when he heard the bad news.

  A. in high spirits B. depressed

  C. having a good time D. cheerful

  16. It has been D that the food people eat affects their health.

  A. proving B. prove C. proves D. proved

  17. He had to learn to go D drinking while he was in Saudi Arabia.

  A. out with B. out of C. with D. without

  18. You’ll have to work harder to A with the top students in your class.

  A. catch up B. hold up C. go up D. get up

  19. Companies often B mystery shoppers to inspect their service.

  A. rent B. employ C. hire D. take

  20. We always aim to give our A attention to our clients.

  A. personal B. single C. only D. once

  21. We searched for the missing papers and finally B them in a drawer

  A. sought B. discovered

  C. looked at D. looked for

  22. Nowadays mystery shoppers are armed with a number of high-tech devices…for recording the entire experience. D

  A. all of the events occurring

  B. things seen and lived through

  C. the act of doing and observing

  D. knowledge gained by doing and observing

  23. Why is it difficult for the world to talk B clones and to reach an agreement?

  A. over B. about C. with D. beyond

  24. We had a B lesson in children education yesterday.

  A. deep B.profound C. deeply D. steep

  25. _ C____ many difficulties, they still went on with their experiment.

  A. Face B. Faced C. Facing with D. Faced with

  26. Rain does not __ C ___ bring down the temperature.

  A. necessarily B. certainly C. undoubtedly D. completely

  27.To my __ B____, this guy is a good-for-nothing.

  A. heart B. mind C. thought D. thinking

  28. It is ____ C ___ to run into danger for nothing.

  A. childlike B. childhood C. childish D. childishly

  29. If we believe something is good and true we should ___ C ___ to it.

  A. hold up B. keep on C. hold on D. keep up

  30. They do not allow ____ B __ in this classroom.

  A. smoking B. to smoke C. smoked D. being smoked

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